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Infographic Banners

SMART has developed infographic banners that can be used to educate the public and your staff about Textile Reuse and Recycling.

Click the title below to download the infographic banner.


Clothing Collection Bins

Clothing Collection Bins: An Equitable Regulatory Response
This is a Municipality Outreach Document that was created by the SMART Clothing Collection Bin Committee to help educate Cities and Towns about Clothing Collection bins.

Bin Position Paper, Draft Ordinance & Collection Bin Code of Conduct
SMART has written a "position paper" and draft legislative language to help elected officials considering possible measures for regulating collection bins and to ensure they are appropriate for their own communities. The position paper outlines the important role that clothing recycling plays in helping local communities achieve key economic, environmental, and philanthropic objectives and describes the features of a legislative measure that will both protect the interests of the community and its people while preserving the industry's vital contributions. The template ordinance, meanwhile, serves as a concrete example of such a measure and requires companies placing clothing collection bins to clearly state on its collection bins that it is a for-profit company. The draft ordinance also requires companies to meet all local zoning and permitting requirements, to have permission before placing a bin, to clearly provide contact information on the collection bins, to maintain the bins on a regular schedule, and to respond in a timely manner should be a complaint be received about a particular collection bin.


Textile Collection

"Collecting Textiles: Make It Work for Your Community" — Presentation
SMART has developed a presentation for cities, towns and local government to use for meetings, speaking engagements and tradeshows.

Textile Recycling Checklist for Communities
These SMART recommendations and suggestions can help governments educate the public, increase textile recycling and possibly generate revenue.


Media Resources

Media Kit
The SMART media kit offers an overview of SMART and the initiatives of the association.


SMART Videos

SMART offers a variety of short videos that can be used sent to local TV and Radio Stations in order to communicate the importance of textile recycling.