SMART offers two different types of Membership; Industry and Associate. Membership runs calendar year from January 1 – December 31. All members that join mid-year must pay the full dues amount. All membership applications must be reviewed and approved by the SMART board of directors and dues must be paid in full at the time of application.

**To be eligible for membership you must be a For Profit company.

Click below to download the membership application for each category.

Industry Member   ($2,400 USD per year)
Any for profit firm or corporation engaged in the wiping materials, used clothing or fiber industry may be eligible to become a member of the association, provided that it meets the standards for membership as set forth by the board of directors and pays association dues.

Associate Member    ($2,140 USD per year)
Any firm or corporation engaged in a business allied to the wiping materials or textile recycling industry as determined by the Board of Directors may become an Associate member of the Association upon application and the payment of dues.


Codes of Conduct

SMART members agree to abide by the SMART Membership Code of Conduct as well as the SMART Clothing Collection Bin Code of Conduct when applying for membership. The Codes of Conduct can be found by clicking below.

SMART Member Code of Conduct

SMART Collection Bin Operator Code of Conduct