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Welcome to SMART!

Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (SMART) Association
The Association of Wiping Materials, Used Clothing and Fiber Industries Since 1932

An international trade association, SMART strengthens the economic opportunities of our diverse membership by promoting the interdependence of the for-profit textile recycling industry segments and provides a common forum for networking, education and advocacy .

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8/10/21- SMART sends joint statement with TRA, EuRIC and BIR Textiles Division response to recent press around the textile reuse and recycling industry in Africa.

6/29/21 - SMART encourages households to donate textiles, secondary materials

4/8/21-  The Secondary Materials And Recycled Textiles Association (SMART): Celebrate Earth Day By Recycling Unwanted Textiles

3/16/21- Helpsy’s clothing donation bins save the environment, taxpayer money

2/3/21- Gold In Your Closet: The Startup Helping Patagonia And Levi’s Cash In On The Resale Boom

1/21/21- What Rejoining the Paris Agreement Signals to Fashion

1/20/21 - Walmart Foundation injects $1.2m into Accelerating Circularity ?

12/16/20- Coronavirus FAQ: Should I Wash My Kid's Clothes Every Day After School?

12/8/20- Houston dressed for success as used clothing captiol of the world

11/9/20- Renewcell & Beyond Retro join hands for textile recycling

9/30/20- Clothes Mountains Build Up as Recycling Breaks Down

8/14/20- Kenya Lifts Ban on Used Clothing Imports

7/29/20- Textile Recycling Groups Urge Kenyan Officials to Quickly Finalize Secondhand Clothing Importation Guidelines

7/9/20- Used Clothing Ban May Crimp Kenyan Style

6/30/20- White Paper: Textile Recovery in the US

6/18/20- Where Do All the Clothes Go?

4/28/20- SMART Responds to Kenya's Used Clothing& Shoe Ban

4/20/20- SMART Promotes Sharing of Textile Education From a Digital Distance this Earth Day

4/8/20- SMART releases statement on Used Clothing Ban

3/11/20- Celebrate Textile Recycling This Global Recycling Day


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