SMART Membership is an investment in the success of your business. The association provides an array of programs and services designed specifically with the needs of the textile reuse and recycling industry in mind.

SMART Membership offers for profit companies in the textile reuse and recycling industry opportunities for Education, Networking and Business Development. SMART is the only voice providing advocacy on legislative and regulatory issues impacting the entire industry.

Here are many of the benefits that are offered exclusively to SMART Members. 

  • SMART Website – SMART’s website provides sponsorship opportunities for members to help promote their business to the public and other members.
  • SMART Member Locator – SMART’s Member Locator is a searchable database listing of SMART member companies.  It is accessible to the public and provides a great resource for people to find you and your business. 
  • SMARTTalk Newsletter – SMART’s newsletter is sent via email to all members with important information and news relevant to the industry and provides updates on upcoming industry events.
  • SMARTLine – SMART’s online forum for members only that provides a common venue for discussion of pertinent association news, events and industry issues. 
  • SMARTTrader – SMART’s online trading forum used exclusively by SMART members to exchange information regarding the sale or purchase of industry related goods such as wiping materials, recycled clothing and fiber.
  • SMART Public Relations Materials – SMART’s Media Kit, Talking Points to use for prospective customers, and local recycling organizations; videos, ; Wiper Company resources; Collection Bin Code of Conduct, educational materials; high-resolution infographic banners and more. 
  • Government Affairs – SMART’s goal is to actively influence the outcomes and impact of government decisions or actions that affect members engaged in the wiping materials, used clothing, fiber markets or textile recycling industry. SMART is the leading voice in the industry and has had significant success advocating on behalf of the textile reuse and recycling industry on issues ranging from trade to environmental regulations.
  • Annual Convention – SMART’s annual meeting of members is geared to provide education on relevant topics to the industry and business, great networking opportunities, business sessions and, updates on issues of concern to SMART members.
  • Regional Meeting – SMART’s regional meeting, typically held in the Fall, provides additional networking opportunities and includes business speakers and updates on issues impacting members.
  • SBLC (Small Business Legislative Council Report) – The SBLC helps SMART members understand how Federal laws and regulations affect their businesses. They provide issue papers, newsletters, and other timely materials to its member associations to help them to in turn provide information to their business members. SMART has been a proud member of SBLC since 2010.

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