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Thankful for Textile Recycling

SMART is thankful for all of the hard work members contribute to the textile recycling industry! SMART members keep approximately 1 billion pounds of textiles out of landfills each year through their collaborative efforts.

This past June, a Data Collection Survey was sent to SMART principal contacts at Industry and International members. The purpose of this anonymous survey was to help SMART as an organization quantify the amount of business our members do with each other and in our industry as a whole. As you will see in the resulting infographic, our members truly have created the world’s SMARTEST marketplace by working together to benefit the textile recycling industry and our environment.

Members keeps textiles out of landfills by collecting salvage from charities, cities, the apparel industry and consumers, but there’s more to be done. 

You can help by becoming an advocate in your community for textile recycling. Recycling textiles saves the environment from harsh chemicals, waste products and waste water used in clothing manufacturing, reduces incinerator pollution and the need to create more landfill space, and provides low cost clothing to low income households all over the world.

Check out SMART’s list of resources on where to recycle: This page also shows you how to connect with a SMART member company in your region. By working together, our planet will have even more to be grateful for in 2018! Wishing you and your family a very happy Thanksgiving.